About Us

Our History

Gyana Jyothi Educational Society is established in the year 1991 by young and dynamic professionals and post graduates. Self reliance, employment generation and above all Vidya Danam are the mottoes of the society. Today it has 09 constituent institutions comprising of High schools, Junior colleges and Pharmacy college. The Institutions provide excellent educational facilities. It has an active alumni base of students over the World. Gyana Jyothi Educational Institutions are known for their quality, high standards, discipline and result oriented approach


OUR VISION I don’t pray for Money I don’t pray for Kingdom I don’t pray for Moksha But I pray for suffering humanity be relieved from pain. – MAHATHMA GANDHI Inspired by the saying and fired by the desire to give the best and dedicated pharmacist to the world in saving the lives of suffering humanity Gyana Jyothi College of Pharmacy is established exclusively with a goal of promoting precision pharmacists by providing a perfect platform to the students in the field of pharmacy to cater the needs of pharma industry and pharma sector including pharma service care fields. .


A Doctor saves the life of the patient with a medicine .A Pharmacist gives life to a medicine”. Keeping in view the proud and responsible profession of a pharmacist GJCP adopts a distinctive program to provide in depth teaching and training to make every student become a true pharmacist with ethical values to meet growing challenges in the field of pharmacy