S.NoDescriptionCircular DateClick to View
270.Guidelines for Conduct of classes / Examinations / Internship for Pharm.D Student / Practical Training in the prevailing situation of second wave of COVID-19 .06/05/2021Click to View
269.Appeal for salary to faculty / staff during lockdown due to second wave of COVID 19.04/05/2021Click to View
268.Council’s secretariat will work from home from 23rd to 30 April 2021.23/04/2021Click to View
267.Council’s secretariat will work from home on 15th and 16th April, 2021.13/04/2021Click to View
266.Verification and registration process as Pharmacist-reg.08/04/2021Click to View
265.Scheme for Capacity Building Industrial Training (CBIT) Program for Pharmacy Teachers- reg.23/03/2021Click to View
264.Communication through institution’s dashboard only.04/02/2021Click to View
263.Another opportunity to existing institutions to apply for 2021-202204/02/2021Click to View
262.Approval of Online training to Diploma in Pharmacy students-reg.03/02/2021Click to View
261.Pharmacy Ethics related to the Covid-19 Pandemic based on Core Ethical Principal Version 1.0.- FIP, documents, UNESCO Chair in Bioethics International Pharmacy Panel Ethical Guidelines for Pharmacy October 2020.02/02/2021Click to View
260.Principal / institutions not reliving the faculty..01/02/2021Click to View
259.Pharm.D internship under Pharm.D Regulatioins 2008 during COVID-19.28/01/2021Click to View
258.Reopening of the Universities and Pharmacy Colleges Post lockdown due to Covid-19 pandemic-reg.20/01/2021Click to View
257.Clarification on council’s circular dt.30.12.2020 with regard to opening of PCI portal for New Institutions.15/01/2021Click to View
256.First Aid Council of India (FACI) – not approved by PCI07/01/2021Click to View
255.PCI Webinar on 6th January,2021 at 4:00 PM (Live Streaming on You Tube)06/01/2021Click to View
254.PCI- regarding payment failure – 2021-2022 academic session.05/01/2021Click to View
253.Webinar for the existing institutions applying online on PCI portal for the academic session 2021-22.(webinar on 6th January 2021 at 4:00 PM).05/01/2021Click to View
252.Cautionary circular for existing institutions intending to apply for consideration of approval for 2021-2022 academic session.31/12/2020Click to View
251.Opening of PCI portal for existing pharmacy institutions (Already approved by PCI for conduct of course or u/s 12 of the Pharmacy Act,1948) for consideration of approval for 2021-2022 academic session30/12/2020Click to View
250.Clarification regarding supernumerary seats (J&K seats) and Ladakh students under Prime Minister’s Special Scholarship Scheme(PMSSS).02/12/2020Click to View
249.Verification and registration process as Pharmacist – reg.21/10/2020Click to View
248.Eligibility of teaching experience at D.Pharm level institution for various teaching posts in B.Pharm institution.08/10/2020Click to View
247.Contact details for skill packs / modules of Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council (LSSSDC).05/10/2020Click to View
246.Inclusion of one elective subject for skill packs / modules of Life Sciences Sector Skill Development Council (LSSSDC).30/09/2020Click to View
245.Clarification regarding supernumerary seats in various categories like Tuition Fee Waiver(TFW)/Economically Weaker Section (EWS)/J&K seats etc.30/09/2020Click to View
244.TeachGlobal an online personalised learning app.25/09/2020Click to View
243.JMP Pro Statistical Software.22/09/2020Click to View
242.Registration of students who have undergone practical training at Pharmacy, Chemist & Druggist under ER-91.17/09/2020Click to View
241.Participation in Drug Discovery Hackathon 2020.For Hackathon Methodology and further detail please visit to View
240.Appeal for payment of salary to teaching faculty during COVID-19 pandemic-reg.24/08/2020Click to View
239.“Clinirex” clinical Pharmacy learning, evaluation and drug Information and documentation software as a tool to document clinical pharmacy activities by Pharm.D institutions.17/08/2020Click to View
238.Equivalence of foreign qualification with Indian qualification for the purpose of admission to various pharmacy courses.17/07/2020Click to View
237.List of approved institutions with approval status and approved intake.14/07/2020Click to View
236.PCI Guidelines on academic programs and start of the next academic session.09/07/2020Click to View
235.PCI Guidelines on Examinations / Internship / Practical Training.09/07/2020Click to View
234.Pharm.D internship during Covid-19 pandemic.02/07/2020Click to View
233.Introduction of bio-metric attendance system for pharmacy faculty in pharmacy institutions.18/06/2020Click to View
232.Appointment of Laboratory Technician in the Laboratories.21/05/2020Click to View
231.FICCI CoE Webinar Career Scenario post COVID-19: Focus Indian Pharmaceutical Industry.20/05/2020Click to View
230.All India survey on Higher Education to prepare a sound database on Higher Education.06/05/2020Click to View
229.Pharm D internship under Pharm D Regulations 2008 during COVID-19.02/05/2020Click to View
228.Alert on fake message.29/04/2020Click to View
227.Appeal for payment of salary to faculty/staff during COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.20/04/2020Click to View
226.Appeal on 109 Central Council decision.20/04/2020Click to View
225.Advisory to Institutions and Examining Authority.09/04/2020Click to View
224.Advisory to All State Pharmacy Councils.23/03/2020Click to View
223.PCI office functioning during COVID-19.24/03/2020Click to View
222.COVID 19 advisory to all Pharmacy colleges, Pharmacy professionals and Inspectors.20/03/2020Click to View
221.Pharmacy Act, 1948 shall only prevail with regard to recognition of degrees and diplomas in pharmacy.11/03/2020Click to View
220.Supreme Court judgement dt.5-3-2020..06/03/2020Click to View
219.Application for Continuing Education Programme for the conduct of seminars, conferences/training of trainers (TOT).25/02/2020Click to View
218.Advertisement by Late R.S.Ravindranand College of Pharmacy, Lalitpur(U.P).13/02/2020Click to View
217.Notice for new institutes.10/02/2020Click to View
216.International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Nanotechnology (IJPSN).08/01/2020Click to View
215.Extension of time for submission of online application on PCI portal.06/01/2020Click to View
214.Approval of medical store for practical Training.20/12/2019Click to View
213.Extension of time for submission of online application on PCI portal.12/12/2019Click to View
212.Institutions to apply immediately on PCI portal.09/12/2019Click to View
211.PCI Objections to proposed amendment in Schedule K of the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945.27/11/2019Click to View
210.PCI web portal for submission of application has been opened from 15.11.2019 to 15.12.2019.06/11/2019Click to View
209.Clarification on approval session and affiliation fee.20/11/2019Click to View
208.Opening of PCI portal for submission of online application for submission of online application for approval of pharmacy courses under the Pharmacy Act, 1948.25/11/2019Click to View
207.Application not accepted due to morotorium by PCI from 2020-2021 from more details.17/07/2019Click to View
206.No admission, examination without PCI approval.16/12/2019Click to View
205.Contractual faculty by Central Universities,State Universities and Government Institutions.21/11/2019Click to View
204.Pharmacist to fill registration details.20/12/2019Click to View
203.Approval of medical store for practical Training20/12/2019Click to View
202.Institutions to apply immediately on PCI portal.09/12/2019Click to View
201.Allopathy Diploma run by Para Medical Faculty Delhi / Kanpur- not approved by PCI.04/12/2019Click to View
200.Change in the name of Institution / Location / Examining Authority.29/11/2019Click to View
199.PCI Objections to proposed amendment in Schedule K of the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945.27/11/2019Click to View
198.Introduction of bio-metric attendance system for pharmacy faculty in pharmacy institutions.27/11/2019Click to View
197.Regarding requirement of animal house and registration with CPCSEA25/11/2019Click to View
196.Provision for providing adequate hours of training(including demonstration)on Bio-medical Waste Management in the course of Pharmacy.15/11/2019Click to View
195.Strengthening of Pharmacy Practice Departments and Drug Information Centres in Pharm.D Institutions.12/09/2019Click to View
194.Notification dated 16.7.2019 isuued by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India in Gazette of India(Extraordinary) No.204, Part I – Section I.12/09/2019Click to View
193.Clarification on clause 16 of the syllabus for Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) Course- Academic progression.09/09/2019Click to View
192.Clarification on Moratorium for new D.Pharm and B.Pharm Institutions from 2020-2021 academic session.09/09/2019Click to View
191.Opening of PCI web portal for submission of application.05/09/2019Click to View
190.Books for Library of Pharmacy Institutions.09/08/2019Click to View
189.ADR reporting to the nearest AMC or to the National Coordination Centre, PvPl.09/08/2019Click to View
188.Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Notification regarding eligibility of Pharm.D degree holders for various posts of pharmacists19/07/2019Click to View
187.Suggested topics for Continuing Education Programmes (CEP)18/07/2019Click to View
186.Upload the teaching staff position on Council’s website17/06/2019Click to View
185.Celebration of International Day of Yoga (IDY), 2019.14/06/2019Click to View
184.Compliance of order of Hon’ble High Court of Delhi in the matter of Sh. Aditya Narayan Tiwari22/02/2019Click to View
183.Institution to refer to their Dash Board on Daily basis for PCI updates with regard to their online application submitted on PCI portal.22/02/2019Click to View
182.Reservation for differently abled persons on induction to the pharmacy courses.22/02/2019Click to View
181.Pharmacist Day celebration on 25.9.2018.29/09/2018Click to View
180.Approval of 10+2 Vocational Higher Secondary Examination with Physics,Chemistry,Biology/Mathematics conducted by Board of Vocational Higher Secondary Examinations for admissions to various pharmacy courses.12/09/2018Click to View
179.Regarding Journals in Pharmacy Colleges.19/09/2018Click to View
178.All institutions running M.Pharm course under the Pharmacy Act, 194815/03/2018Click to View
177.Documents submitted to PCI without sign of principal.+16/02/2018Click to View
176.Compliance be submitted within 15 days16/02/2018Click to View
175.Vidya Lakshmi Portal.29/01/2018Click to View
174.Institutions to intimate any substantive change.16/01/2018Click to View
173.Hitherto all approval be prospective only.16/01/2018Click to View
172.All Indioa survey on Higher Education to prepare a sound database on Higher Education.03/01/2018Click to View
171.Recommendations of the Committee on “Psychosocial Study of Ragging in Selected Educational Institutions in India”.14/12/2017Click to View
170.Date – Sheet of final year M.Pharm examination.20/11/2017Click to View
169.Pharmacy Awards in recognition of outstanding services rendered by the registered Pharmacists/State Pharmacy Councils25/07/2017Click to View
168.Regarding Teaching of Pharmacognosy Subject25/07/2017Click to View
167.Shifting From cash dependent to cashless mode for all financial transactions21/07/2017Click to View
166.Submission of Student details online by Pharmacy Institutions to PCI12/07/2017Click to View
165.Vidya Lakshmi Portal07/07/2017Click to View
164.Council’s advertisement published in newspapers seking applications for Pharmacy Awards in various categories.30/06/2017Click to View
163.Implementation of the provisions of Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016-reg28/06/2017Click to View
162.PCI-Remittance of the Affiliation Fee for 2017-2018 academic session22/06/2017Click to View
161.Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana(PMBJP)16/06/2017Click to View
160.Celebration of 3rd international Day of Yoga on 21.6.201713/06/2017Click to View
159.Opening of Jan Aushadhi Stores by your institution under Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana(PMBJP)13/06/2017Click to View
158.Celebration of 3rd International Day of Yoga on 21.6.2017.19/05/2017Click to View
157.Submission of Student details online by Pharmacy Institutions to PCI18/05/2017Click to View
156.Healthy Children health India / Healthy Food / Healthy Living08/05/2017Click to View
155.Regarding Teaching of Pharmacognosy11/04/2017Click to View
154.Prime Minister’s Jan Aushadhi Yojna20/03/2017Click to View
153.Regarding Journals in Pharmacy Colleges.16/03/2017Click to View
152.Shifting from cash dependent to cashless mode for all financial transactions.14/03/2017Click to View
151.Installation of CCTV cameras in all institutions.08/03/2017Click to View
150.Compulsory Training Programme (CTP) for B.Pharm students.06/01/2017Click to View
149.Prime Minister’s Jan Aushadhi Yojna02/01/2017Click to View
148.Statutory Scheme/Rules and syllabus for B.Pharm and M.Pharm Courses21/12/2016Click to View
147.Latest edition of National Formulary of India – 201607/11/2016Click to View
146.Pharmacist Day Poster17/09/2016Click to View
145.Prime Minister’s Jan Aushadhi Yojna12/09/2016Click to View
144.Vidya Lakshmi Portal06/08/2016Click to View
143.Clarification on Pharm.D Regulations, 2008 relating to Pharmacology praticals.23/08/2016Click to View
142.Consideration of approval of Pharm.D.(PB)course.23/08/2016Click to View
141.Letter dt. 4.3.2016 received from Country Sales Manager,Royal Society of Chemistry, Thomas Graham House,Science Park,Milton Road,Cambridge.22/08/2016Click to View
140.1. Enactment of Biological Diversity Act (BD Act) in 2002 by Govt. of India
2. Establishment off National Biodiversity Authority in 2003 under the above act.
22/08/2016Click to View
139.Verification of the qualification, experience certificates by the institution before appointing the teaching faculty.22/08/2016Click to View
138.Prime Minister’s Jan Aushadhi Yojna.06/07/2016Click to View
137.Prime Minister’s Jan Aushadhi Yojna.04/07/2016Click to View
136.Uploading of draft B.Pharm curriculum/syllabus on PCI website- Comments invited.01/07/2016Click to View
135.Prime Minister’s Jan Aushadhi Yojna.27/06/2016Click to View
134.PCI-Remittance of the Affiliation Fee for 2016-2017 academic session.18/05/2016Click to View
133.Minimum age for admission to B.Pharma course for the purpose registration as a pharmacist under the Pharmacy Act,1948.05/05/2016Click to View
132.PCI-Payment of One Fourth Share under section 44 pf the Pharmacy Act,1948 to the.26/04/2016Click to View
131.Stepping up of anti-ragging measures.30/03/2016Click to View
130.Royal Pharmaceutical Society-Medicines Complete Platform23/03/2016Click to View
129.Registration With CPCSEA01/03/2016Click to View
128.Vidya Lakshmi Portal28/02/2016Click to View
127.Registration under –
i) The Employees Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952
ii) The Employees State Insurance Act, 1948 and
iii) The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972.
10/02/2016Click to View
126.The Bachelor of Pharmacy(B.Pharm) Course Regulations,2014 – Amendment thereof.16/10/2015Click to View
125.Curbing the menace of ragging in Higher Educational Institutions.22/09/2015Click to View
124.Books for Library of Pharmacy Institutions.21/09/2015Click to View
123.Research publications in the field of pharmaceutical sciences10/09/2015Click to View
122.Online Reference Text from Medicines Complete/Royal Pharaceutical Society, U.K
1. Remington online
2. BNF or Excipients or injectables (Handbook/Guide) or Stockley. One of these to be subscribed online along with Remington.
08/09/2015Click to View
121.Eligibility of Open School education system of the Central Govt. / State Govts. institutions for admission in Pharmacy courses for the purpose of registration as a Pharmacist under the Pharmacy Act, 1948. .07/09/2015Click to View
120.Anti-Ragging.05/08/2015Click to View
119.Eligibility of Open School education system of the Central Govt. / State Govts. institutions for admission in Pharmacy courses for the purpose of registration as a Pharmacist under the Pharmacy Act, 1948.30/07/2015Click to View
118.Registration under All Institutions(D.Pharm,B.Pharm,Pharm.D) approved by PCI
– u/s 12 of the Pharmacy Act
– conduct of course
09/07/2015Click to View
117.Number of admissions approved by the PCI-reflection in institutions Prospectus.07/07/2015Click to View
116.Reg. Taking all measures and effective & efficient steps to prevent and deal with any ragging in the institutions of Higher learning.03/06/2015Click to View
115.A.Strict compliance of Minimum Qualification for Teachers in Pharmacy Institutions Regulations,2014.
B. PCI advertisement of February,2015 in various leading newspaper.
20/05/2015Click to View
114.PCI-Remittance of the Affiliation Fee for 2015-2016 academic session.17/04/2015Click to View
113.Training Programme for various Colleges under PCI regarding.24/03/2015Click to View
112.Central Sector Scheme called Central Sector Interest Subsidy Scheme,200903/03/2015Click to View
111.PCI comments on National Health Policy11/2/2015Click to View
110.Stipend for Pharm D Students during internship.14/1/2015Click to View
109.To allow part of Pharm.D. Internship at Foreign University under Pharm.D. Regulations, 2008..14/1/2015Click to View
108.Details regarding Teaching Faculty in Pharmacy.06/1/2015Click to View
107.Comments on proposed amendments in Education Regulations, 1991 u/s 10(3) of the Pharmacy Act 1948.10/12/2014Click to View
106.Measures taken by the National Law University, Delhi to prevent and deal with the incidence of ragging.21/11/2014Click to View
105.All India survey on Higher Education to prepare a soun database on Higher Education.20/11/2014Click to View
104.Duration of MOU/tie-up between the Pharm.D Institution/Hospital.20/10/2014Click to View
103.Latest edition of National Formulary of India(NFI) and Indian Pharmacopoeia(IP).10/10/2014Click to View
102.State Pharmacy Council’s to verify student details from PCI website to View
101.Regarding Student data on PCI website.09/10/2014Click to View
100.Issue regarding students admitted above 60 in D.Pharm Course.08/10/2014Click to View
99.Training of teachers.07/10/2014Click to View
98.Proper verification of the information given in the SIF and SDFs by inspectors at the time of inspection.25/09/2014Click to View
97.Curbing the menace of ragging in higher educational institutions.01/09/2014Click to View
96.PCI – Introduction of closure fee for pharmacy institutions.19/08/2014Click to View
95.Survey Rpeort on current scenario of Pharmacy Education in India – IPA Students Forum.23/07/2014Click to View
94.Composition of Examining Committee of Examining Authority under Education Regulations, 1991 and Pharm.D. Regulations, 2008.13/07/2014Click to View
93.Curbing of unfair practices adopted in certain pharmacy institutions / examing authorities .13/07/2014Click to View
92.Issue of mis-use of pharmacist registration certificate.13/07/2014Click to View
91.Submission of student details online by Pharmacy Institutions to PCI.11/07/2014Click to View
90.Online undertaking and NAAC accreditation of the institutions -regarding.11/07/2014Click to View
89.Minimum age for admission to Pharmacy course for the purpose registration as a pharmacist under the Pharmacy Act,1948.30/06/2014Click to View
88.Incidents of ragging in Pharmacy Colleges/institution in India – Reg09/06/2014Click to View
87.Use of animals for dissections in various areas like in Pharamacy, Zoology, Veterinary,Medicine etc. across India – regarding.09/06/2014Click to View
86.Training programme for B. Pharmacy Students (B. Pharm) of various Colleges under PCI regarding.09/06/2014Click to View
85.Circulars to all Institutions regarding filling up of Staff Declaration Form (SDF).02/06/2014Click to View
84.Incidents of ragging in Pharmacy Colleges/institution in India – Reg02/06/2014Click to View
83.PCI-Remittance of the Affilation Fee from 2014-2015 academic session06/05/2014Click to View
82.PCI-Payment of One Fourth Share under section 44 of the Pharmacy Act, 1948 to the23/04/2014Click to View
81.Regarding the Ethical Issues like professional Practice etc.28/01/2014Click to View
80.Incidents of Ragging in Pharmacy Colleges/Institution in India-Reg.28/01/2014Click to View
79.Submission Of Student Details Online By Pharmacy Institutions to PCI.24/01/2014Click to View
78.Institutions to have website & uploading of institutions is SIF on its website.29/10/2013Click to View
77.Stipend for Pharm.D Students during internsip.17/10/2013Click to View
76.Teaching faculty during academic session.09/10/2013Click to View
75.Incidents of ragging in Pharmacy Colleges/ institution in India-Reg.23/09/2013Click to View
73.Remittance of Inspection and Affiliation Fee by new institutions03/09/2013Click to View
72.PCI-Revision of Affiliation Fee from 2014-2015 academic session.03/09/2013Click to View
70.Training programme for B. Pharmacy Students (B. Pharm) of various Colleges under PCI regarding.17/07/2013Click to View
69.Payment of Salary to teaching staff through bank.08/07/2013Click to View
68.Age for admission to Pharmacy course for the purpose registration as a pharmacist under the Pharmacy Act, 1948.28/06/2013Click to View
67.Use of animals for dissections in various areas like in Pharmacy, Zoology, Veterinary, Medicine etc. across India-regarding26/06/2013Click to View
66.All India survey on Higher Education to prepare a sound database on Higher Education21/06/2013Click to View
65.Books for Library of Pharmacy Institutions.30/05/2013Click to View
64.Time schedule / Last date of submission of application to PCI.02/05/2013Click to View
63.Full compliance of Pharm.D Regulations, 2008 (PDR-2008).26/03/2013Click to View
62.PCI-Remittance of the Affiliation Fee for 2013-2014 academic session.23/10/2012Click to View
61.Stipend for Pharm. D Students during internship.23/10/2012Click to View
60.Reg- Registration of teaching staff.13/12/2012Click to View
59.Pharmacy Council of India Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Pharmacy Colleges,2012.23/10/2012Click to View
58.Implementation of UGC payscales to teaching faculty.19/06/2012Click to View
57.Registration procedure of Pharm.D. (Doctor of Pharmacy) passed out students.19/06/2012Click to View
56.1)All Institution approved by Pharmacy Council for conduct of Pharm. D/Pharm.D(Post Baccalaureate) course.
2)All Examining Authorities for the conduct of Pharm. D and Pharm.D (P.B)examinations
30/05/2012Click to View
55.National Formulary of India (NFI) 2011.29/05/2012Click to View
54.Pharmacy Council of India Regulations on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Pharmacy Colleges,2012.23/05/2012Click to View
53.Regarding Promotion to next higher class under Pharm.D Regulations 2008.18/04/2012Click to View
52.Grant of study leave to B.Pharm in-service pharmacists for Higher Education to upgrade their knowledge.02/03/2012Click to View
51.Grant of study leave to in-service Diploma pharmacist to undergo Pharm.D course.02/03/2012Click to View
50.Pharm.D Course – Clarification regarding nomenclature of Pharm.D/Pharm.D (Post Baccalaureate) on pass certificates.16/02/2012Click to View
49.Pharm.D Course-Clarification regarding nomenclature of Pharm.D/Pharm.D(Post Baccalaureate) on pass certificates.08/02/2012Click to View
48.All India survey on Higher Education to prepare a sound database on Higher Education.24/01/2012Click to View
47.Alternative experiment model as per guidelines of CPCSEA.19/01/2012Click to View
46.Prepration of Central Register of Pharmacists u/s 15A of Pharmacy Act, 1948.28/12/2011Click to View
45.Submission of Affiliation Fee 2012-2013 academic session.06/01/2012Click to View
44.Pharm.D an approved qualification for teaching.21/11/2011Click to View
43.Clarification on Pharm.D qualification.30/09/2011Click to View
42.Durban Declaration during commonwealth Pharmacist’Association.31/10/2011Click to View
41.Regarding undertaking on duly attested affidavit from institutions.30/09/2011Click to View
40.Guideline for issue of Good Standing Certificates to Pharmacy Graduates by State Pharmacy Council.22/09/2011Click to View
39.All India survey on Higher Education to prepare a sound database on Higher Education.27/09/2011Click to View
38.Updation of the database for Anti-Ragging web portal.22/09/2011Click to View
37.Posting of data of Principals of Pharmacy institutions in Public Domain28/07/2011Click to View
36.Guidelines for pharmacy practice for hospital & community pharmacists.09/06/2011Click to View
35.Information regarding students.09/06/2011Click to View
34.Institutions to fill in data for survey on Higher Education-HRD Ministry09/06/2011Click to View
33.The course curriculum of D. Pharm / B. Pharm / Pharm.D.10/05/2011Click to View
32.Inclusion of Pharmacotherapeutics I & II in IVth year for Pharm.D. (PostBaccalaureate)students.05/05/2011Click to View
31.Book “Drug Information about commonly used drugs” for Library of Pharmacy Institutions.19/04/2011Click to View
30.UGC Regulations on curbing the menace of Ragging in Higher Educational Institutions, 2009.11/04/2011Click to View
29.Regarding undertaking on duly attested affidavit from institutions for considering approval U/s 12 of the Pharmacy Act.06/04/2011Click to View
28.Submission Of Affiliation Fee05/04/2011Click to View
27.Use of Animals by establishments under the Medical Council of India (MCI)- Guidelines regarding.17/03/2011Click to View
26.Change in admission qualification and duration of D.Pharm course18/02/2011Click to View
25.Registration procedure of Pharm.D. (Doctor of Pharmacy) passed out students.17/01/2011Click to View
24.D Pharm Institution approved for conduct of course to apply in SIF for approval u/s 1205/01/2011Click to View
23.B Pharm Institution approved for conduct of course to apply in SIF for approval u/s 1205/01/2011Click to View
22.Principal to communicate with PCI05/01/2011Click to View
21.Pharmacy Teaching staff working at more than places not allowed05/01/2011Click to View
20.Placing of Council’s circular addressed to institutions on Council’s website only05/01/2011Click to View
19.No Change of hospital without prior approval of PCI23/06/2010Click to View
18.Clarification regarding evaluation of Remedial Mathematics/Biology (Ist year subject of Pharm.D) to All Pharm.D Institutions and Universities16/06/2010Click to View
17.Clarification regarding evaluation of Remedial Mathematics/Biology (Ist year subject of Pharm.D.)05/06/2010Click to View
16.2nd shift for conducting Diploma & Degree (UG & PG) courses in Pharmacy10/09/2010Click to View
15.2nd shift for conducting Diploma & Degree (UG & PG) courses in Pharmacy21/04/2010Click to View
14.Information regarding B.Pharm course16/03/2010Click to View
13.Affl. fee by approved Instt06/03/2010Click to View
12.Insp. and Affl. fee by new InsttClick to View
11.National Open School Qualification is not approved by PCI17/07/2009Click to View
10.Gazette notification of Pharm D Regulations to The Secretary to all the State Govts./U.Ts.(Health & Education) AND All the Examining Authorities (Degree)27/06/2008Click to View
9.Gazette notification of Pharm D Regulations to Head of the Institutions imparting approved Degree course AND State Pharmacy Councils27/06/2008Click to View
8.National Open School Qualification is not approved by PCI13/06/2007Click to View
7.New SIF’s for Institutions conducting Diploma course in Pharmacy, Degree course in Pharmacy and both Diploma & Degree course in Pharmacy.21/03/2007Click to View
6.Backlog of ER-8113/12/2004Click to View
5.Direct admn. to B.Pharm IInd year13/12/2004Click to View
4.Renewal of Registration13/05/2004Click to View
3.Compliance of App-C of ER-91 by EAClick to View
2.Guidelines for migration/transfer of students30/05/2002Click to View
1.Guidelines for migration/transfer of students12/06/2001Click to View